Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Uighurs in Guantanamo to be Freed

CNN carries a story about the 17 Guantanamo Uighurs, whom a judge has ordered to be released into the United States without condition. The government is going to challenge the order, but the judge seems pretty firm over the issue. The Uighurs have been declared a non-threat to the U.S. but have not been released into America because of diplomatic fears concerning China and have not yet found a country willing to take them in, presumably for similar reasons. I think this is good news, personally, and I'm glad to see someone finally making some effort to free these people who have committed no crime against our country. While groups the the East Turkistan Islamic Movement are certainly not laudable in any way, Uighurs are in real danger of torture and murder by the Chinese government, and it's about time somebody at least has made a move to release these prisoners.

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