Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jehovah's Witnesses Jailed in Uzbekistan Terror Raid

Forum 18 reports that two Jehovah Witnesses have been jailed after a raid by anti-terrorist police. Other members of the faith have been fined or sentenced to labor camps. The current total of Jehovah's Witnesses now imprisoned in Uzbekistan now stands at four.

Authoritarian regimes in the region have used the 'threat' of terrorism as an excuse to lock up or persecute religious minorities consistently since 9/11, including minority Muslim groups that don't subscribe to 'official' Islam. The Jehovah's Witness faith was outlawed in 2006 and the members of the organization were arrested as part of a special terrorist cleaning campaign.

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Icka said...

Uzbekistan is just begging extremist groups to fill the religious void, the way they push moderate religious people to the fringe. I'm afraid at some point they might reap the whirlwind.